Essential Summer HVAC Maintenance Tips To Keep Cool

Introduction Summer has officially arrived, and in the Simcoe Muskoka region, that can only mean one thing: Hot weather is on its way! While you may dream of lazy summer days throughout the long winter months, the truth is that when high temperatures hit, you also want to rest secure in the knowledge that your […]

Top Ways To Improve Your Home’s HVAC Energy Efficiency

Introduction The comfort of your household is a top priority, but the pleasure of a climate-controlled environment can sometimes come at a high cost for homeowners. Improving the energy efficiency of your home offers a win-win solution for both your wallet and the planet, and with the ideas below, it doesn’t have to be a […]

How IoT Is Transforming Home Heating & Cooling Systems

Introduction The Internet of Things, often simply referred to as IoT, describes a network of connected devices that use the internet to communicate with the cloud and each other using a combination of sensors, software, and other technology. This may sound like quite the futuristic mouthful, but the truth is that many of us already […]

Improving Indoor Air Quality With The Right HVAC System

What’s the role of your HVAC system in your home? If you said to heat it in winter and cool it in summer you’d be correct. But not entirely… In addition to keeping your home comfortable in every season, your HVAC system also has another duty: To maintain good air quality. If you haven’t spent […]

How Smart Thermostats Can Save Money On Heating & Cooling

Introduction In a digital world that is becoming smarter and more integrated by the day, why not add your thermostat to the growing list of devices connected to your Wi-Fi network? Smart thermostats, the most advanced category of heating and cooling control systems currently on the market, offer a wide spectrum of benefits to homeowners, […]

How Geothermal Systems Increase Home Resale Value

Introduction Geothermal heat pump systems are increasingly popular across Ontario. Versatile, durable, and environmentally friendly, they offer home and cottage owners the opportunity to invest in the future of the planet while also ensuring reliable and economical year-round comfort. Geothermal heat pump systems harness the Earth’s stable geothermal properties to warm interior spaces in the […]

What To Do If Your HVAC Stops Working

Your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, often simply shortened to HVAC, is critical to the overall safety and comfort of your household. When it’s running smoothly, you may take it for granted but when something goes wrong and your home’s climate control waivers or stops working altogether, you realize how essential your HVAC systems really […]

Breathe Easier This Winter: Choosing and Maintaining the Right Furnace Humidifier for Your Home

Winter can be brutal on our indoor air quality, with dry, stuffy air causing all sorts of symptoms like itchy skin, chapped lips, and intensified allergy and asthma symptoms. A furnace humidifier can help alleviate these issues by adding needed moisture to your entire home’s air.  There are three main types of furnace humidifiers: Bypass […]

Maintaining Your Ductless Mini Split System: Why It’s Important 

As a homeowner, you want to ensure that your HVAC system is delivering the comfort you expect efficiently and effectively. One type of system that requires proper maintenance is the ductless mini split. Just like your car and other household appliances, a ductless mini split system needs to be serviced and maintained to help it […]

HRV vs ERV: Which One is Right for Your Home?

Understanding the Basics As homeowners, we all want the best indoor air quality for our families. This is where an HRV (Heat Recovery Ventilator) or ERV (Energy Recovery Ventilator) can come in handy. But with two options, how do you know which one is best for your home? Home Size Considerations First, let’s look at […]