Introducing the Resolute™ Air Handler/Heat Pump System

Experience superior heating and cooling with the Resolute™ system, a cutting-edge integration of an outdoor heat pump and indoor air handler. This system sets itself apart with its innovative engineering that empowers it to generate warmth even when outdoor temperatures plunge to as low as -30 ºC. And for those chilly extremes? With the added auxiliary electric heat, it can go even lower.

As seasons change and temperatures rise, the Resolute system adapts effortlessly. In sweltering conditions, the heat pump seamlessly switches to reverse mode, circulating cool and dehumidified air throughout your living spaces, ensuring optimal comfort.

At the heart of the Resolute system lies a variable speed compressor, which guarantees high-efficiency cooling and heating year-round. This stellar performance not only earns it an Energy Star® qualification but might also make it eligible for energy-efficiency rebates. An eco-conscious choice, the all-electric Resolute system bypasses the burning of fossil fuels and steers clear of releasing combustion byproducts or greenhouse gases, aligning with both your environmental responsibilities and stringent provincial or local regulations.

Versatility is key with the Resolute system. Whether you reside in an older home, are considering room additions, or are constructing a new building, this system seamlessly integrates with existing ductwork, offering a flexible installation process. Furthermore, its compact design combined with its whisper-quiet operation makes it the perfect fit for locations with limited space or those adhering to zero-lot-line specifications.

Enhancing its functionality, the Resolute system boasts compatibility with a variety of heat pump compatible thermostat controls, from high-end smart to conventional manual ones. For its remote control capabilities, allowing temperature monitoring, scheduling, and energy consumption optimization, SMHC recommends the Ecobee smart thermostat, which can reduce energy costs by 10% to 20%. Its advanced adaptive technology learns and adapts to your preferences over time, ensuring a personalized comfort experience.

Embrace the future of heating and cooling with the Resolute™ system. At Simcoe Muskoka Home Comfort, we are seasoned heat pump installers with the expertise you need. Trust us to help you transition seamlessly into the next era of home comfort.


2-5 Ton capacity
Up to 20 SEER2 and 10.5 HSPF2
Quiet operation (As low as 45dB)
10-year parts and compressor registered warranty